Our solution helps develop a customer-oriented services organisation by using the results of modern IT, research and data-mining methodologies. We install a customized information system in the customer’s existing information technology environment that is aligned to the surrounding market environment and to the specific operating features of the customer. No off-the-shelf software solution can challenge our system in terms of operating complexity, meeting actual user demand and in terms of the costs of implementation. The system offers novel functionalities to the customer-oriented client’s existing: customer acquisition, bidding, sales, analytic and customer communication needs.

Progressive business strategies do not allow market players to defer the implementation of a customer-oriented approach until the market becomes saturated, but urge market players to build up a business model from the very beginning with the awareness that the costs required for customer retention are far lower than the costs needed for customer acquisition, and it is far more efficient to acquire new customer relationships directly, than through intermediaries.