Before the emergence of information technology, customisation was an extremely costly method used only for extremely valuable customers. With the help of advanced business intelligence systems, customisation now is available for every client or on the Internet even for every prospect.
Right Offer – Right Customer – Right Time
As each customer’s data are available in the marketing data warehouse, the development and customization of promotional packages should not be considered as a technical challenge any more. According to the rules of direct marketing, system users will be able to send the right offer to the right customer at the right time.
Experiences gained through mass direct marketing communication activities revealed that marketing proposals sent out to the whole clientele on an ad hoc basis, not only did fail to produce appraisable efficiency indicators, but even raised the tolerance threshold of customers, i.e. customers’ interest may be attracted only by offers increasingly favourable for customers and less profitable for the business entity. However, there is another, even less advantageous effect, after a good number of non-targeted offer, consumers will lose interest in the offers of the business line.
Our system and recommended communication methodology ensures that each customer segment is given an offer at the right time, i.e. at a time specifically adjusted to the customer or its contract, where the financing arrangements are calculated for the affected customers and are adjusted to the amount and timing of the monthly repayment found satisfactory so far.